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Supporting young people and students to:

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  • Build the psychological foundations for a Life-in-Sport.

  • Develop a rounded identity and  balance between sport & other activities.

  • Reflect on experiences and set goals that align with your journey.


"Rebecca’s Young Person in Sport Program has had a positive impact on me as a person and more specifically on my ability to both understand and control my emotions during the stresses of a tennis match. It has been great to work with Rebecca and I would highly recommend her services to other young athletes."

"Thank you for providing the Student in Sport Program and helping me make kind and sensible decisions that work for me with my riding.

We are in a culture of pushing ourselves in search of self worth but with your guidance in constructing highly personal goals for myself I now feel more confident than ever coming back from injury!"

Supporting the support network:

  • Working with you as a coach (or support team member) to address areas linked to your wellbeing and your journey of personal development as you support others on their journey. 

  • Working with you as a parent to help you support your child to thrive on their journey in sport and life. 

  • We are all their to support the individual athlete's journey in sport.



Being a parent of a child who excels in a sport can be difficult. According to our daughter  we are not pushy parents, it is just that the sport tends to take over life. Achievement at school and friendships are just assumed. Rebecca helped our daughter understand her feelings and then to  explain to us which then  enabled  us to support her better in all aspects of her life which resulted in her being much happier.

As a coach, my experiences of working with Rebecca have been overwhelmingly positive. Through 1-1 sessions I have a ‘safe space’ to discuss my experiences and feelings and she helps me to make sense of these - and to move forwards. We are constantly challenged as coaches and this time has enabled me to become more emotionally aware - both of myself and others - and to put appropriate strategies into place to help me to deal with situations as they arise. Coaching can be highly pressurised - at whatever level you work - as the needs of our members / participants are key and always evolving. It’s important that we seek the support to enable us to look after both our own well-being and those with whom we work.

Find out more about the Coach Development Program here.

1:1 Programs for #yourjourney in sport

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

  • Evidence based 1:1 programs tailored to various stages and experiences you may encounter on your sport journey. 

  • All programs are aimed to support personal development through the context of sport and include 6 1hr sessions with Rebecca (online or face to face options available).

Current programs:

Coming soon: 

  • Participating / Competing in Masters Sport

  • Who am I? - Your identity as an athlete

  • Coping in an elite sport environment 

  • Managing transitions in your sport journey

Rebecca has a very good breadth of experience across many sports and age groups. She is confident working with teams or in one-on-one sessions with individual athletes and coaches. Most pleasing is her approach to ensuring the overall wellbeing of those she is helping. I highly recommend Rebecca as someone who values the development of the person 

Dr Mikel Mellick BPS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (QSEP)

Bespoke 1:1 support for your journey

Image by Clark Tibbs
  • Can't find a 1:1 program to support your needs?

  • 1:1 packages will begin with an extensive needs analysis 

  • The support process can support you through specific challenges you are facing or a goal you are working towards

  • A balance of reactive and proactive Sport Psychology approaches to support you on your sport journey



I wanted to say how indebted we are to you for all the work you have done and continue to do with **** it has tranformed the way he approaches his sport and I know is really helping him right now. 

Really, I don't know if you know how much of an impact you are really having but I can see and I am so grateful we have you with us on this journey. 

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