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Back to school: How to manage sport commitments and training

Some thoughts as we head back to school and the routine of competition preparation, there will be lots of transitions happening so remember…

It’s your journey...

There is no one size fits all when it comes to supporting you through transitions.

Are you someone who takes all transitions and change in your stride and find that the resources available to you far outweigh the demands of the experience.

Or are you someone that finds small transitions or changes to be challenging and require more support with resources to help you cope.

Or in fact, like many, do you sit somewhere in between depending on lots of other factors.

Transitions can impact our wellbeing so remember to focus on the 5 ways to wellbeing to help you.

Whether you’re starting in a new form, school or college, there can be a lot of stress around this time. From worrying about making friends to having to sit exams, we all have our own challenges and anxieties.

Here are some ideas to think about before you return (specifically focused for young people that have regular sport commitments as well as school)…

  • Be prepared and organised with what you need - for school and for sport. Getting things sorted in advance can reduce the stress for you.

  • Start adjusting your sleep pattern - Aim to do this a few days in advance so your body can adjust. Even more important if you have been training if your training times changed during the holidays and are going back to evenings now.

  • Focus on food and start the day well - I'm no nutritionist, but we all know the benefits of starting the day well with a good breakfast and good meals / snacks through the day if you have a full day of school and training well.

  • Check your new timetable - Similar to getting prepared - look at the information that the school / college has given you so you know what you have on each day. It is easy to slip in to avoidance if we are feeling anxious.

  • Take it one day at a time - There is a temptation to think about the whole term or year ahead. Reduce this down to a focus on the current day and build up to a focus on the next few days if that helps you.

  • Talk to someone - With all anxious thoughts and feelings it helps to get them out and work them through with someone. If you aren't quite ready to talk then write them down or journal to help you.

If school is really getting you down, or you are struggling to balance all of your commitments, remember you're not alone. As difficult as it may seem, talking to a friend, parent or someone you can trust can really help.

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy


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