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Learning new skills or developing skills...

Let’s be honest - It’s complicated!!

Stage of development:

Learning a new skill or developing our skills relies on a combination of developmental factors including:  

  • movement mechanics,  

  • physical literacy,  

  • biomechanics,  

  • athletic/physical development,  

  • psychology, 

  • coaching practice. 

The development of our skills, and the ability to learn, improve and develop performance, will need to be supported and challenged appropriately for each individual depending on all of these things as well as many more!

How am I feeling today? #itsmyjourney

We also know that learning and development is a personal journey that can be influenced by day-to-day factors and how we are feeling in terms of:  

  • physical energy,

  • mindset,

  • emotions, 

  • group dynamics,

  • stage in the training cycle (i.e. competition prep or new skills)

Taking a moment to check in with ourselves and how we are feeling before a session in relation to all of these things can really help us to set appropriate goals.



As we said in the title it’s complicated!! Coaches and athletes have to bear in mind all of these influential factors when learning new skills and trying to improve.


Taking action:

Here are 5 important things for you to focus on so you reduce the overwhelm of all these influential factors.

  • How are you viewing your own progress and other people’s progress?

  • What decisions are you making if a coach gives you a choice of what to work on?

  • What actions will you take to help you improve?

  • Where will you focus your attention? (on you or others?)

  • How will you make sure you celebrate your progress? (however small)

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy.


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