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Changing Your Perspective: How to Shift Your Mindset for Personal Growth

Have you ever come across a situation where you have an alternative viewpoint or perspective from someone else or a group of people? The likelihood is that yes you have, and you probably experience it on a regular basis.

Perspective helps us to understand situations from other positions, to consider other beliefs, experiences and view points. This gives us a better understanding and greater empathy. It reduces bias, judgement and reduces conflict. Take the image above for example - this isn't about right or wrong, it is simply about understanding the other persons viewpoint.

Now pick a situation where you have had a different viewpoint or perspective to someone else:

  • How did you see this situation?

  • How did the other person or people see the situation?

  • What might people who were not there say about it?

  • What new skills could you learn that might make for a better outcome?

We can be very quick to blame in these situations where we have differing view points but the key here is to focus on learning. Think about how you can apply these 3 points?

  • Connect with yourself and the learning available in that moment.

  • Be honest and establish your next possible area of growth and development off the back of that interaction.

  • Take responsibility for your life and the outcomes of your actions.

If you do these 3 things you will notice that it is a self-empowering process that keeps you engaged in interactions with others and while also building self-awareness in the process.

This process isn’t about agreeing with everyone that has a differing viewpoint to yours. But it is about being authentic and building connections with people around you.

Taking time to keep things in perspective will help you to:

  • Develop a better understanding of things

  • See a problem or challenge from different angles to develop a better knowledge

  • Evaluate the importance of something

  • Keep worries or thoughts in in check

  • Let go of judgement and focus on facts

  • Keep things in a more balanced viewpoint

  • See the strengths and weaknesses / good and bad / positive and negative

  • React rationally and considerately rather than impulsively

  • Be objective and unbiased


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