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Check in on your competition confidence and set your goals...

Do you have a gymnastics competition coming up in the next few months? Take a quick read through this blog and download the template to help you check in with your confidence and set goals that are right for you.

  • New routines and an upcoming competition definitely bring a level of challenge for most gymnasts.

  • Confident people often welcome new challenges because they know that they are up to the challenge.

  • Focus on gradually building your confidence and trying your best.

  • Setting and being motivated by small process goals will help you to do this.

Before you go through the downloadable sheet, here are some top tips to help you with your confidence as you prepare to compete:

Step 1: Know your routines

  • Simply start with a list of all the elements in all of your routines.

  • The foundation of confidence will come from being clear on your what.

Step 2: Rate your confidence on all the elements within your routines

  • Next to each of the elements of your routines give a rating out of 10 for how confident you are feeling about the skill right now.

Step 3: Notice the high confidence elements

  • It is tempting to only notice the elements that you are experiencing low confidence. But you will benefit more from taking some time to focus on where your confidence is high.

Step 4: Set your goals

  • With the elements that you are high in confidence - set goals to keep these going and keep building on them ready to compete.

  • Then, with the elements that you are low in confidence - set goals to help you make progress on these skills on a session by session basis.

Confidence can also come from how you interact with others:

  • Try to reduce your judgments and comparisons of the work that other people are doing.

  • Celebrate other people's success - this positive energy will help you to build your confidence.

  • Be inspired to learn what you can about how others succeed.

Think about how you respond to setbacks and mistakes:

  • This isn't about being positive all the time.

  • You will have days where you make progress and you'll have days when things don't go to plan.

  • Focus on keeping a growth mindset.

  • When you make a mistake or experience a setback, notice the emotions this triggers for you and focus on resetting your goals ready for your next session.

Download the worksheet below and print the number of copies you need to match the number of apparatus you are competing on.

Competition confidence
Download PDF • 135KB

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy.


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