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Exam season - "How to manage time and prioritise responsibilities as a student athlete"

Many of the athletes that I work with are going into their final term following the Easter holidays. This means, depending on their age, that they may be facing some end of year tests or their exams at school, college or university. So here are some top tips for all the student athletes out there facing this challenging time of year...  


Student-Athlete focus:  

Balance is the key for all student athletes. The competition, excitement, and thrill of sport feel great, but for many people this comes alongside education. School, college and university can also be important stepping stones to support your sport experience. Focus on learning how to balance your sport, academics, and social life.

Time to get organised:  

  • Put your exam or test dates in the diary  

  • Do you have any sport competitions during this time that you also need to prioritise and prepare for? 

  • How will you balance your training during this time? Early conversations with coaches can really help to take the pressure off of you.  

Know your preferences  

  • Do you need to develop a group with classmates or teammates to stay on top of revision?  

  • Do you prefer to work alone?  

  • How much work can you get done during school hours so you can still get good breaks in the evenings and over the weekend?  

Ask for Help 

  • We’ve already mentioned speaking to coaches about time off if you feel that is needed. 

  • You can also ask your teachers for help if you are unsure on exam dates, topics, how to revise etc.  

  • You are going to miss things during this time. It’s natural for someone to miss something because of multi-tasking. Communication and asking for help will be key.  

As you then head closer to exam time – here are some top tips gathered from youngminds.  


We asked young people to give us some wellbeing advice for exam time and this is what they told us 


  1. Always take a moment just to breathe, whether in the exam, before or after. 

  2. Remember that school does offer support, just reach out and ask! 

  3. Keep your work balanced. Spend time revising but socialise and relax too. 

  4. Keep a self-care routine so that your revision is the most productive it can be whilst you feel as good as possible.  

  5. Break up revision with food and exercise to make sure you stay energised. 

  6. Remember that results do not define you.  

  7. Find a revision space and style that works for you: silence, background chatter, music with or without lyrics.  

  8. Work to your own pace – everyone is different in how they work.  

  9. If you feel nervous about the time pressure of an exam, practice timing yourself when you revise, or try some test papers.  

  10. Plan in some treats to reward yourself and celebrate when it’s all over!  


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