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Over the last few years, the collaboration between Valleys Gymnastics Academy and Life in Sport has developed and evolved to focus on the concept of #itsmyjourney. We know that youth sport environments come with very specific challenges so through this work we hope to address these and provide tailored support to gymnasts, parents, and coaches at the club.

We have established 4 specific themes that we will overview for you below. These are based on the experiences of everyone at VGA as well as current research in youth sport to ensure the support is right for the individuals within this environment. 

So here is our overview of the #itsmyjourney work that we will be focusing on in 2024. 

Individual differences, remember: 

  • Each person is unique.

  • Each person’s experience in sport will be unique.

  • Each person will experience unique peaks and troughs on their journey.

“No one formula can provide effective and meaningful interventions for all athletes and teams in all situations”.

We will always be careful not jump to conclusions that any one of these themes or the strategies we suggest hold true for all individuals in all situations. 

When it comes to implementing the ideas we share, please remember that not all of the information will best suit you but hopefully each one of you will find parts of it beneficial and helpful.

Theme 1: Coping throughout your journey.

Explore and find coping strategies that work for me and review them throughout my journey.

Theme 2: Reducing comparisons.

Learn from and encourage each other – reduce my comparisons.

Theme 3: Controlling the controllables. 

Focus on the elements of wellbeing, development and performance that are within my control.

Theme 4: My goals.

Identify and work towards my goals whilst supporting others in the pursuit of theirs. 

Over the course of 2024 we will share weekly updates via blogs, social media posts and worksheets that provide more information on the 4 themes and activities for you to try to help build your mental skills and life skills. 

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy.


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