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Next steps - adjusting to Uni life

As the new academic term gets underway, a fresh cohort of eager students get to grips with being back in education. Many will have moved away from home; others will have arrived from another country. They now have to learn how to live and study independently. Given all these changes, it’s not then surprising that many students face emotional difficulties when they start university.

Feeling anxious - As well as problems of loneliness and relationships at university, there are also worries about the rising cost of studying and living, fear of failing to live up to expectations and uncertainties about job prospects. Instead of a stereotype of student life being about long lazy days, increasing numbers are experiencing anxiety and stress, beyond the "transitional" problems of leaving home.

Identify the challenges that you may face as you start university:

  • Notice if there is anything that is worrying you

  • Chat to others that you know that have started the year before you

  • What resources/support do you have, or do you need to overcome the challenges?

  • Is there anyone that you can chat to if you are finding your worries overwhelming?

  • What can you do based on the advice from other students to work through your transition to university?

Student Athletes:

Be solution focused and identify the resources that may be beneficial for you (even if you don’t currently need them). There will be a lot expected of you from lecturers and coaches so it will be important to identify what works for you.

An ideal balance of sport and education commitments will take time to develop, focus on these 4 tips to get you started:

  • Day to day time management - Don’t over plan your day, keep your plans and expectations realistic so you don’t get demotivated by constantly falling short.

  • Plan ahead - Identify key times in your academic / sporting calendar and what you can do to get ahead, only extend deadlines if you know this will help (rather than as an excuse to put things off).

  • Utilise self-reflection - this will help you notice unhelpful patterns, and manage your mood and mindset. You can also use this time to identify what strategies work for you when you're stressed and overwhelmed.

  • Make the most of the quiet moments - these can be few and far between when you are balancing training and lectures. Take the time to really decompress and switch off when you have chance.

Hopefully these tips will be a starting point for you. If you are looking for more support during your journey as a student athlete at university then get in touch to kickstart the #lifeinsport


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