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Does your new floor routine feel like a memory test?

When you get a new floor routine it can be a little overwhelming and you may feel you are never going to be able to remember it. You will learn it but you may need to take some time outside of the gym to reinforce it. To do this, it can be really helpful to break it down in to chunks.

Chunking is a technique to improve your memory by grouping information into larger, more familiar groups. It can help you store information more effectively in your short-term memory.

Practice Chunking

Challenge yourself to remember a series of items from your routine, whether it’s sections of dance or your tumbles. As you become better at remembering smaller chunks of your routine, you can challenge yourself to remember bigger chunks.

Look for Connections

As you are creating groupings, look for ways to relate skills to each other in meaningful ways. What do the items share in common? You might group items together because they are part of your dance series, or tumbles.

Use visualisation with your music

This one does come with a disclaimer - no need to overdo it. It can be really helpful to play the music and imagine or visualise yourself doing your routine. Still apply the chunking and play it in sections if you need to. With floor music pieces being 60-90seconds long you only need to do this once or twice a week (as you will be working with the music in the gym as well so you don't want to get fed up with it!)

Download your copy of the memory game below...

Memory game - floor routines
Download PDF • 233KB

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy


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