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Holidays are coming!!

Are you taking some time off from training in the next few weeks? Here are some key points to remember to help you cope if it is something you find difficult to do.

You can't pour from an empty cup - Rest, recovery and down time are just as important as working hard and training. Think about the positives of taking time off and missing a few sessions. How will a break help you physically and mentally?

Catching up isn't a good frame of reference - You will not be able to make up for the time you have taken off. That is ok. But be cautious around conversations relating to catching up or making up for lost time. Try not to do more training before or after your break to 'make up the hours' else you will increase your risk of injury.

Life balance is important - Sport can play a huge role in many people's day to day lives. As a result you may miss out on family events, time with friends or simply chill out time at home. Even if you are not going away on holiday ensure that you think about taking time away from training to do things with friends and family and break up your routine. .

Settle back in to your routine

We all know it takes a while for us to settle back in to our routine after time off. This is no different in sport to how it feels in work. It will take time to re-establish your routine and adjust to it physically and mentally.

Manage your performance expectations

Remember that after some time away from training it will take a few sessions to get skills back to where they were before your break. That is ok. Set yourself small achievable goals to manage your expectations and build your confidence back up.

Build yourself up slowly

Sport is physically demanding. So your return phase will have to be managed effectively to avoid injury. Notice if you feel or think about catching up and challenge those thoughts to ensure that you notice the physical impact of your return to training.

This content has been developed as part of our #itsmyjourney project with Valleys Gymnastics Academy


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